What Is Caravan Insurance?

What Is Caravan Insurance?

what is caravan insurance?

What Is Caravan Insurance?

Before we discuss what this type of insurance is, for some people it may be helpful to understand what a caravan is. People in the US often refer these to trailers, motor homes and other recreational vehicles. In many other countries, such as the UK, as well as Australia, they are referred to as a caravan. There are mobile caravans, which many use as a temporary home while they are on holiday, and these can be ones that are pulled by a vehicle or ones that you drive. A static caravan is different in the fact that for the most part, they are stationary. You see these more often at holiday resorts, but that doesn’t mean you can have one parked somewhere as well, on a holiday property, etc…

What Is Caravan Insurance?

Here’s the thing with a caravan, whether it’s stationary or mobile. One is certainly that this is something that you live in, even temporarily. It can have all the amenities of home, a working lavatory, kitchen, and even a common eating and lounging area. It can have a television, movie player, and even be able to handle the internet or satellite signals. They can be connected to electricity, have their own generators, as well as propane stoves and ovens. You are often taking many of your personal belongings inside for short periods of time. All of these things need to be protected against theft, as well as damages from fires, or even from being destroyed in the event that you have an accident, just like in a regular home.

You need to have some kind of coverage for the caravan itself. Because a caravan is moved around, it is exposed to road conditions, including other motorists. The biggest difference between vehicle protection and caravan protection is that a car is on the road more often, so it requires more and different types. A caravan also needs to be protected almost as much as your home.

Because a caravan isn’t on the road as much, it is usually caravan insurance is usually less expensive, which gives you the options to have aspects covered like your personal belongings, the actual structure of the caravan, as well as fire protection. It really depends on what you think is the best and what all the things you feel need covering.

A lot depends on the value of not just the caravan, but its contents as well. Newer caravans are usually more easily covered, because of the newer components, like the refrigerator, stove and oven, microwave, or even a generator. In older models, there are some extra risks involved, and it may not have as many safety features that are included in newer models. In many cases it is also more fragile than a motor vehicle, with the walls and structure made from lightweight materials to cut down on weight.

In order to get the best deals on caravan insurance it is a good idea to get many quotes over different companies. While you may live in a more rural area, with the help of the internet, you have more of a selection than you may find locally.

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