What Caravan Insurance?

What Caravan Insurance?

what caravan insurance?

What Caravan Insurance?

People want to protect the items they have purchased including those owning a caravan. It is normal to take care of our things and insurance cover for your caravan is important. Insurance cover can give you protection if your caravan is damaged accidentally or due to a fire, bad weather and theft.

What Caravan Insurance?

Caravan insurance policies would include cover for normal damage caused to your caravan by any of the events above.

Removable possessions in your caravan whilst you are away from home will also be covered by this insurance cover to a pre stated level typically about £300.

The possessions section in the policy is to cover items that are left in the caravan such as furniture, cutlery, curtains etc. It is not sensible to leave credit cards and money, jewellery or other valuables in your caravan, these items are covered by your all risks section of your household contents policy.

When leaving your caravan it is important that you always lock the doors failure to do so will result in the insurer not paying your claim due to lack of care should you have a burglary. Leaving items in awnings or toilet tents that are stolen may not be covered.

It is advisable to use a wheel clamp and a hitch lock when stopping overnight. If your caravan is stolen and these items have not been used then you may find that your insurer will not pay your claim.

Always check the security arrangements at any camp sites you may visit. In your policy you may find that insurers require certain levels of security for example they may insist on only registered HPA or British Holiday Home Parks meet the security needed. The insurers may also specify that only sites that are protected by hedging or fencing meet the specified criteria.

Damage to awnings can be included for a small charge but the policy may well stipulate the age of the awning be less than seven years old.

This is an introduction to the importance of having caravan insurance and is not intended to be the total cover offered by insurance companies. Although still considered to be an insurance niche there are still a huge number of insurers in the market all offering different policies and plans. There are many insurers with diverse contents in the policies available so it is important therefore to check which the most suitable policy is for you.

You can get further information about Caravan Insurance at http://www.coversure.co.uk.

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