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While Pop and Cage are talking about Cottonmouth and the deal in Pop’s Barber Shop, they are surprised when the very same turns up to get shaved. While Pop is shaving Cottonmouth, Cage has to control his anger in order to not attack Shades immediately. When he clenches his fists so hard that the broom he is holding breaks in two, Shades briefly looks up, only to comment that it is a cheap broom. Shades then starts a conversation with Cage, telling him that he just came home from a three-year stretch in prison. He claims that he grew up in this very neighborhood and then inquires whether Chico is still around, claiming that he knows him from his youth. Cage gives no real answer, telling him that people come and go. As they turn to leave, Shades reminds Pop and Luke to call out if Chico is seen. With Cottonmouth’s assistant, Shades meets with an informant who tells them that Chico is inside Pop’s Barber Shop. The two then drive up next to the Barber Shop and shoot up the store from outside. Pop is killed by the bullets but Chico, who is wounded, and Luke play dead. Shades and the assistant enter the barber shop, grab Chico’s backpack and flee, Shades muttering that they should have waited.shades marvel 1Before long Shades was interrogated by Ridley who threatened to sent Shades to Ryker’s Island if he did not cooperate with her, but Shades only ignored her and calmly requested a lawyer. Ridley noted she knew Shades’ history with meeting Cottonmouth while a young man before being sent to Seagate Prison before explaining that somebody had already bailed him out, but Shades still requested a lawyer again. When Ridley even threatened to send Shades back to Seagate for twenty years, Shades mockingly asked for a lawyer while laughing in her face as she walked out of the room.shades marvel 2At the police precinct, Shades is interogated but does not yield any information and insists on a lawyer. Atwo million bail is swiftly paid and Shades is released and returns to Diamondback’s side. While in an elevator, one of Diamondback’s henchmen strangles hin from behind on Diamondback’s orders but Shades grabs a gun from another man’s belt. He forces his wanna-be-killer to bring him to the roof where the man begs for his life, claiming that he was just following orders. After finding out that Diamondback wants him dead, Shades shoots the henchman and grabs the man’s sunglasses before leaving. Shades heads to Mariah’s house, and the two team up to defeat their mutual enemies. Shades also plans to bring Cage to the table, so that they could send Cage against Diamondback. The two visit Luke Cage in Pop’s Barber shop where they propose a truce. Cage is more than hostile and refuses at first but Shades then offers him files which contain evidence that Diamondback commited the crime for which Cage went to prison, thus offering Cage back his life.  shades marvel 3Fans have long complained that Marvel films and television shows have introduced, used up, and killed off too many awesome villains all too quickly, thereby not giving them ample backstory or the chance to develop their objectives. Consider how Shades is introduced in Luke Cage — as Diamondback’s henchman, sent to oversee Cottonmouth — and compare how much he grows to the path taken by any of Marvel’s other villains. Shades wants power, but he also wants Mariah, real bad.shades marvel 4Whether you think Shades and Mariah are an OTP (one true pairing) or not, it’s clear that Marvel has a great deal up its sleeve for future Luke Cage stories, and many fans will be anxiously awaiting the characters’ appearance in Defenders. For what its worth, even Theo Rossi, who plays Shades, has publicly announced that he “ships” the two characters. Rossi and Marvel are playing their fanbase like a fiddle, and it’s thrilling to watch.shades marvel 5In Marvel Knights I#9, Dagger absorbed the darkness powers (and their associated taint) from Cloak. It was with this power that she pulled Shades in others into the dimension normaly accessed by Cloak. In Marvel Knights Double Shots#3, Cloak is back in action, although its possible it is an out-of-continuity tale. Nonetheless, it is unclear if Shades (or Bengal, Bullet, Big Ben Donovan, Tombstone, or the other criminals have been freed). I think its most likely that it will be forgotten and Tombstone, the biggest name of the bunch, will just show up again, without any explanation.shades marvel 6During the 2010 “Shadowland” storyline, Shades appears to have gone straight as he and Comanche have gone their separate ways. When in Hell’s Kitchen, Shades became a community organizer. He worked with his son Victor where their relationship was strained upon Shades cheating on Reina. Upon Reina moving in with his brother Ignacio with Victor in his company, Shades remained in contact with them the best he could. When Bullseye had blown up a building during his fight with Daredevil on Norman Osborn’s orders (as seen during the Dark Reign storyline), Shades was killed in the explosion while Victor survived upon absorbing the fragments of his father’s visor. Upon Victor seeing the chi ghosts of the 107 victims of the explosion, Shades’ chi ghost told him to open up and absorb more chi in the area which would give Victor enough power to fight back.shades marvel 7Shades and Comanche are hired by Ward Meachum decked them both out with new weapons Shades with a pair of optic blasting shades, and Comanche with trick arrows. and use them against Cage. They knocked him out before leaving and telling the bystanders to tell Cage that they have a score to settle when he revived. Cage tracked them down to the George Washington Bridge. Were Cage and Iron Fist learn the truth about their employer. While in hiding, Ward spots D.W. filming the fight between Shades and Comanche and worries that he was caught on tape and be implicated in a plot against the two heroes and vows to get the film before it can be reviewed. Cage and Iron Fist manage to easily defeat Shades and Comanche, however when the police take the two away they fail to remove Shade’s visor, and he manages to fire one final blast, hitting the heroes knocking them off the bridge. Shades and Comanche were sprung from the police custody. They tried to hold off Cage when he attacked the Meachum building. They were both taken out when he knocked over a pillar on them.shades marvel 8After a deal between Cottonmouth and other gangsters has gone wrong, Shades’ employer Diamondback, who provided Cottonmouth with high-tech guns, sends Shades to help Cottonmouth in his attempts to get back his money. Shades arrives at Cottonmouth’s office and bluntly tells him that after the botched deal, the weapons are in a police lockup and that the money is gone. Shades wants to know whether it was an inside job and Stokes replies that it was most certainly not, reminding Shades that he needed the money too. Cottonmouth is concerned, believing that Diamondback wants to take over his operation. Shades, however, assures him that this is no takeover and offers his help in solving the problem.shades marvel 9(Marvel Knights I#11-12) – Shades (no longer wearing his special visor) was one of several gunmen in the employ of Viktor Smerdilovisc, working with several other criminals: Bengal, Bullet, Big Ben Donovan, and Tombstone. They came into conflict with Cage, who was hired to work alongside the heroes Black Widow, Dagger, Daredevil, Moon Knight, and Shang-Chi. Shades was taken out by a blast from Dagger. Later, Shades and all of the other criminals were sucked into the pocket realm normally accessed by Cloak, but then contained within Dagger.shades marvel 10Sometime later, Shades and Comanche were hired by Ward Meachum where he gave Shades a visor that shoots energy blasts and gave Comanche some Trick Arrows. The two of them knocked out Ward Meachum where they have the bystanders tell Luke Cage that they have a score to settle when Ward Meachum regains consciousness. Luke Cage and Iron Fist tracked Shades and Comanche to the George Washington Bridge where they learned about their employer. Luke Cage and Iron Fist managed to defeat the two of them as the police arrive. When the police fail to remove Shades’ visor, he used one more blast to knock Luke Cage and Iron Fist off the George Washington Bridge. Shades and Comanche were later sprung from prison. The two of them tried to hold off Luke Cage when he attacked the Meachum building only to be defeated when Luke Cage knocked a pillar on them.shades marvel 11(Power Man and Iron Fist I#98) – Shades and Commanche ambushed Luke Cage, who was caught unprepared for their new weapons, and quickly knocked out. They left him unconscious, figuring they had showed him who was in charge. However, when he woke up, Cage wanted a rematch and tracked them down. Iron Fist had come with Cage, and they fought the two criminals. Shades blasted out the bottom of a telephone pole, dropping it on top of Cage. However, Cage tossed the pole off and came back for more. Shades and Commanche fled, but Power Man and Iron Fist chased after and defeated them. As they were being taken away, Shades, whose visor had unwisely left on, blasted the two heroes off the bridge. Shades was excited, claiming he had killed them, but they survived.

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