Recaro Office Chair

Sitting relaxed, enjoying the success.Many years of experience in the automotive business in matters of design, ergonomics and quality are becoming powerful arguments at RECARO Automotive Seating for the use of RECARO products in offices. Our office chairs perfectly match users’ requirements in their professional environment – and also offer more movement at the workplace. Integrated into the RECARO office chairs is an oscillation system that can be set to the weight of the occupant to promote dynamic sitting. The changing seat positions stimulate the circulation and thus physical and mental wellbeing. The ergonomically shaped padding and the higher backrest also ensure that the natural curvature of the spinal column is maintained. The deep seat ensures optimal support of the upper legs, which takes the strain off the leg muscles. And, finally, because the design is also an important and essential factor for general wellbeing, our RECARO Office Chairs impress with their attractive look and high-quality covers.Our Official RECARO partner for Office Chairs in the Americas:recaro office chair 1&nbspWe have seen it over and over. The look on a persons face when they sit in a RECARO® Office chair for the first time. We say this because no other ergonomic office chair feels like a RECARO® . The way in which the chair supports you is so thorough and comfortable, one soon understands why these seats are specified in the world’s elite sports and luxury cars. Supporting the natural S-curve of your back while holding you in the chair is key. Many manufacturers attempt to copy the look but never manage to duplicate the quality look or feel. RaceChairs, North America’s largest distributor of Recaro Office furniture, carries two lines of Recaro chairs.recaro office chair 2Blending support, comfort, and style together into an attractive package, RECARO Office chairs make a statement about you and your office. These motorsport inspired seats are made on the exact same factory lines as the RECARO seats found in your favorite sports cars. Each seat is developed and produced to the same standards as automotive seats. The result is a seat that is entirely over-engineered for office use. You will immediately recognize and appreciate the quality that you will find in these seats. RECARO’s expertise is vast. With over 105 years in business, over 55 years of sport seat production, 35 years of racing experience, and input from top engineers at top European brands, RECARO knows what it takes to be the best.recaro office chair 32005 The hybrid lightweight seat is adopted in series production for the VW Golf R 32 and the Audi RS 4. The new seat generation combines sportiness and comfort. Another development first, RECARO succeeds with its new hybrid lightweight shell to revolution the seat structure. The load-bearing seat structure utilises the latest polymer technology allowing RECARO to offer an immense reduction in weight combined with more interior space and many design options for the car, when compared to traditional seat construction. A co-operation with an experienced manufacturer of office chairs allows RECARO to enter this new market segment with itsrecaro office chair 4Our number one recommendation for users with back pain. RECARO® Advantage office chairs are built for one purpose: extreme support and comfort. Originally designed for long-haul truck use where driver safety demands ultra-comfortable seats, these seats are designed for 24 hour use. RECARO Advantage office seats are often used in call centers, dispatch offices, and other areas where the chairs are used constantly, every hour of every day. Anatomically contoured cushions, AirMatic adjustable lumbar support, premium leather, and LiquiCell technology are combined on a robotically welded steel frame to provide a level of comfort that you will never find in another office chair. Ever.recaro office chair 52005 Another development first, RECARO succeeds with its new hybrid lightweight shell to revolution the seat structure. This unique lightweight structure not only reduces weight but also offers more space and many design options for the car. RECARO presents the infant carrierrecaro office chair 6FEATURES Comfort Head Rest Headrest has adjustable height (up and down) and also tilts forward. The tilting mechanism gives the user a great range of customization so that it can provide the user with the most comfortable seating position. Well padded and trimmed for excellent comfort. Recliner Knobs One located on each side of the chair. 25° recline with 20° tilt range provides a full 45° of recline and relaxation. Rotate knob clockwise to recline seat back, and counterclockwise to bring seat back towards original setting. Adjustable Side Bolsters Provides extra support and lower back comfort. Backrest of the chair can be adjusted to envelop the user and offer the unique RECARO feel. Rotate clockwise to bring the bolsters closer to your body, and counter-clockwise to have them move away. Airmatic Lumbar Support Triple chamber design provides extra support for your lower back. This added support fits the chair to the “S” curve of the human spine.This creates a more unique experience for the user, and one that increases overall comfort and supports the user in the most natural position. Height Adjustment Lever Lift paddle to adjust seat height up and down. 4D or 2D Armrests Multiple ranges of adjustability. 4D Armrests are height, width, depth and angle adjustable. Can be rotated 360°. 2D Armrests are height adjustable User can tailor the fit of the chairs arms to their needs. Tilt Lock/Unlock Lever Pull lever to lock/unlock tilt position. 2.5″ Seat Cushion Extension Base cushion knee section adjusts forward and backward. Provides extra support by allowing for multiple ranges of adjustability. Tilt Tension Control Knob Controls the tension in the knee-tilt mechanism. Turn counter-clockwise to increase tension. Seat Cushion Tilt-Up Adjustment Press buttons located on each side to adjust.recaro office chair 7The spirit of the driven, innovative and creative company founder Wilhelm Reutter, appear to also be reflected in the production of automobile seats. In 1965, RECARO introduced the first seat worldwide with a lateral guide, and in 1968 the first seat worldwide with an adjustable shoulder support was introduced onto the market.

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