Rattan Furniture Set

When you think of rattan, what do you think of?Images of islands, clear blue skies, bluish-green waters, tropical trees, sun, and an overall feeling of warmth and comfort. The rattan poles are visually attractive and they provide the strongest natural frame. As a proud owner of indoor rattan furniture, you will not worry about having to clean upholstered or leather furniture. We recommend occasionally feather dusting your rattan collection or using a soft, slightly damp cloth. The cushions will not need much maintenance since we use only the best materials and brand-name fabrics like Sunbrella and Outdura. You can also flip the cushions for extra longevity. Once you make the switch to wicker furniture and rattan, you will not go back to anything else!Why choose Rattan furniture in your sunroom? While outdoor furniture remains extremely popular for patio living, the exotic/tropical looks are preferred in sunrooms all across America. Rattan is a tropical palm plant that is found in Africa and Asia. Its stalks are used for making exquisite furnishings. Because the plant imitates the structure of regular tree wood it can easily be fashioned, cut, and dyed many different ways. For this reason, rattan has become a very popular and stylish outdoor wicker sunroom furniture option. Interior decorators in the United States and Europe have discovered the versatility of rattan for the interior of homes. One or two specific pieces of rattan furniture can change the entire look, style, and mood of any room. The exotic flair coupled with classic sophistication creates a dynamic and intriguing interior design space. Perfect for both the modern and traditional home, rattan is quickly becoming the preferred style. Whether it’s used as an end table or for your entire set of furniture, rattan stands out in the best possible way. Hundreds of different colors, styles, and shapes allows this versatile material to give your decor extra depth. No matter what look you are hoping to achieve, the rattan style will get you there. Rattan is a unique plant that can only be imported from exotic faraway lands and is not manufactured in the United States. Breathe life into your sunroom and make it an exotic getaway for the entire family. Rattan is the perfect option for bedroom sets, dining room tables, and inviting living spaces. Its rich dark hues and gorgeous texture create a paradise all its own. Browse our selections and find your favorite style and color today!Furniture ReviewI recently received your Casablanca Wicker furniture for my sun room. It is incredibly good looking and the quality is excellent. My wife and I love the Rangeley Coral cushions as they add a lot of flair to our sun room. In addition, I purchased the Casablanca wicker Rocker and rattan chaise and just ordered another end table. I can’t thank Wicker Paradise enough for their on time service and delivery. Believe me, the picture on your web site doesn’t do it justice. The rattan looks so much better to see the actual set in your own setting.Thanks so much for a great experience,Dick P Naperville, ILAll About Rattan Rattan has been around for thousands of years and has been used for many different for everything from baskets to shelters. Today, however rattan is used to create beautiful pieces of furniture. Rattan is a strong, durable, and high quality wood that can be manipulated into any shape. Itrattan furniture set 1What is wicker? Wicker is a general term for woven furniture and accents, not a specific material. The term is used broadly for any item woven from synthetic to natural hard fibers such as rattan, bamboo, seagrass and more. Rattan The primary material used to create wicker is rattan “vine,” which is actually a name for more than 600 prolicic climbing plants. Some species can grow more than 300 feet in length—making rattan an abundant, sustainable resource. The production of wicker furniture often utilizes material from the entire plant: Peel, core, pole and all. Cane When rattan’s outer skin or peel is removed and cut into thin strips, the resulting material is called cane. Rattan cane is used for weaving chair seats or wrapping joints on wicker furniture and is produced in many different gauges, ranging from carriage fine to the largest slab rattan. It has a natural glossy finish and does not accept stain or paint well, but is considered most beautiful in its natural state. Kubu Rattan cane packed in wet clay and allowed to season is known as Kubu or Kubu gray, due to its soft ashen color. Kubu rattan is exceptionally strong and is prized by furniture-lovers for its distinctive dusky shade. Reed Reed is the thin, flexible material inside the rattan core. Most often used for basket weaving, it may also function as an ornamental element in wicker furniture. Unlike cane, it has no natural finish and readily accepts paint or stain. Bamboo Bamboo resembles rattan and is often mistaken for it. But unlike rattan, which is solid, bamboo has a hollow core. Bamboo also has distinguishing ridges where the leaves were attached, while rattan’s leaf nodes are not as pronounced. Willow Made popular in 19th century England, willow or twig furniture is still crafted today, although the supple branches are now most often used in basketry. Willow can be soaked for flexibility and woven or bent to form graceful, rounded shapes. Seagrass The term seagrass is used for a variety of flowering plants, such as water hyacinth, that grow in shallow coastal waters. Seagrasses are not related to seaweed but are more closely akin to the lily. Leaves are generally long and narrow, resembling terrestrial grasses. Banana Leaf Banana leaf furniture is made from natural banana fibers that are dried, twisted and braided into a rope. The rope is then woven over a frame to create furniture and basketry that is handsome and highly durable.rattan furniture set 2Rattan furniture is a perfect choice for your sunroom, porch, or living areas. Extremely strong, rattan wicker furniture is stylish and lasts for many years. The benefit of our rattan and wicker is that each piece is fully assembled, which is a sign of superior quality furniture. Wicker Paradise offers you many different rattan and wicker furniture groupings for your home or vacation property, or you can purchase by the piece to customize your arrangement. Our rattan is ideal for indoor use or outdoor use under a covered area. We also carry all-weather outdoor wicker furniture and rattan dining sets. Rattan is tailored for those who appreciate upscale tropical furniture with an attractive tropical edge. With so many different types of looks and colors you can create the perfect setup that you were always looking for. Purchase a rattan sofa or furniture set today.rattan furniture set 3Bring the tropics to your sunroom with our luxurious Rattan furniture sets. Our furniture sets were designed with both your comfort and style in mind. Sunrooms were created to relax and enjoy the day in, and we help you continue that tropical furniture theme with our handcrafted pieces. Discover what rattan can do for your room by browsing our collection sets to see them in real-life locations. Don’t wait to retire to enjoy the feel of coastal living, bring the outdoors in with the rich and romantic style Rattan furniture offers you. Imagine yourself curling up with a great book or perhaps even bird watching from your sunroom in your brand-new and quite stylish rattan chair. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun dancing across your face and the rough interwoven texture of your new chair under your fingertips. It’s a scene that you can live out on a daily basis just by choosing Rattan furniture for your indoor or outdoor space.rattan furniture set 4Save up to 25% on select hanover products Shop Now Shop Patio Furniture by Space Outdoor Lounge Furniture Make cozy seating arrangements for hanging out with friends and family or enjoying some quiet time alone. Outdoor Dining Furniture Eat, entertain and enjoy life outdoors with a patio set that brings everyone together at the table. Outdoor Bar Furniture Build a bar in the backyard with complete bar sets, bar height tables, bars stools and more. Shop Patio Furniture by Collection Featured Patio Collections Take a look at our best outdoor furniture for your patio, deck, garden, and outdoor living spaces. Customize Your Patio Set Get the look you want. Choose a frame from 17 different options. Style your cushions with up to 17 colors choices. Patio Mix & Match Shop our most affordable patio furniture selections. Mix and match pieces to create your own look. Pick up in-store today and chill. Shop by Material Wicker Patio Furniture Distinctively woven wicker furniture is the perfect all-weather option for indoors or out. Metal Patio Furniture Metal is one of the most popular choices for outdoors, prized for it’s intricate designs and solid construction. Wood Patio Furniture Elegant, timeless wood patio furniture will endure the test of time and the elements. Plastic Patio Furniture Sporting sophisticated new designs and innovative materials, plastic patio furniture has come of age. Shop Patio Furnishings and Accessories Patio Umbrellas Porch Swings Outdoor Chaise Lounges String Lights Outdoor Cushions & Pillows Outdoor Heaters Do the Most with Your Outdoor Space Decorate your patio, deck, porch, balcony, or any outdoor space with our huge selection of outdoor patio furniture. From gorgeous patio sets to host al fresco dinners to comfy wicker furniture for lazy lounging sessions, we’ve got it all – including hammocks, rocking chairs, patio umbrellas, and extra patio chairs or outdoor tables. You can take it a step further with our Customize Your Patio Set collection and choose the style, colors, and look you want. Or, you can explore our Patio Mix & Match furniture for individual pieces to create your own one-of-a-kind patio arrangement.

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