Quad Insurance Is Imperative For You And Your Bike

Quad Insurance Is Imperative For You And Your Bike

quad insurance is imperative for you and your bike

Quad Insurance Is Imperative For You And Your Bike

You would not ride your ATV without a helmet, so why ride it without insurance? Quad insurance is imperative, not only to protect your investment from theft or damage, but to protect yourself from liability. Before ever hitting the throttle, a well-informed and safety conscious off-road vehicle owner should be aware of the risks and coverage.

Quad Insurance Is Imperative For You And Your Bike

Just like automobiles, not every one on the road is brand new and “worth” insuring. If you purchased or were given a quad for free, you might be convinced that theft or damage is not important to you. After all, depending on the age and the condition, the cost of insurance could outweigh the cost of the unit itself. The important fact that being overlooked however, is the liability incurred while just operating your ORV.

The number of quad owners is on the rise, as are the number of accidents, serious injury, and death. In the United States over the last ten years the number of injury and death has increased approximately 30%. You may be confident in your driving ability and unconcerned about the value of your four-wheeler, but what if a friend borrows it? Are you at risk if they are hurt? What if you injure someone else while driving or damage their property? Your risks are similar to those incurred while driving an automobile and you could be looking at extensive civil damages as well.

Accidents are common in this category. The nature of the vehicle is to take it where signs, pavement, and traffic laws are not enforced. A stray branch, driving too fast on loose dirt or gravel, or simply not being familiar with the terrain, all have the makings of a fantastic accident. Any lapse in common sense or attentiveness can turn into a significant injury. Especially for kids under the age of 16 that may be operating the quad. It has been reported that riding an all terrain vehicle carries more risk of personal injury than any common sport, and it should be noted that there are entire law offices dedicated to filing suit in this category.

Make sure that you inspect your quad before hopping on. Make sure that you have the proper safety gear: helmet, gloves, protective glasses, and appropriate, full-coverage clothing. Perhaps most importantly, before you even head outside, make sure your quad coverage is up to date and you have a copy with you.

James Copper is a writer for Falcon Insurance where you can find quad bike insurance and motor bike insurance

quad insurance is imperative for you and your bike 2

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