Motorcycle Tidbits and Insurance Facts

Motorcycle Tidbits And Insurance Facts

motorcycle tidbits and insurance facts

Motorcycle Tidbits And Insurance Facts

Hey, motorcycle fans, did you know this about the two-wheeled joy-ride machine?

Motorcycle Tidbits And Insurance Facts

• The name motorcycle was first introduced to the new motor-powered bike in 1884, by British citizen, Mr. Ed Butler.

• 1 of every 5 motorcycle is reported as stolen, while about a quarter of related insurance claims are frauds.

• The popular Kawasaki motorcycle company also builds boats, power plants, industrial equipment, robots and spaceships.

• The risk of a motorcycle being in an injury-causing accident is far greater when the rider is under the influence of alcohol, goes over the speed limit and/or rides a big-sized bike.

• The biggest known motorcycle is thirty-one feet in length and can seat 16 people.

• Motorcycles are efficient space-takers: you can park 8 motorcycles in a spot designed for one automobile.

• Motorcycle riders that wear protective foot-gear, jackets and gloves have a greater chance in evading or reducing cuts and bruises from an accident.

• The motorcycle helmet is credited for minimizing or preventing injury to the head.

Of course, one of the most practical facts about motorcycle riding is in regard to insurance coverage.

If you are the proud owner and rider of a motorcycle, you understand that specialized insurance coverage can protect you from all the liability risks. After all, even people who are not bike enthusiasts (motorcycle or RV riders) know that serious accidents can occur when on the roadway with another car, truck and any other vehicle.

Even though you may be quite an expert motorcycle rider, the nuances between one type of coverage and the other may not be so obvious. That is why it is important to find an experienced insurance agency with a professional team that will work with you on finding just the right form of a policy for your specific needs. It is equally as important to find an agency that will take the time to explain everything you must know about this niche of coverage so that you can make an educated policy purchase. Moreover, partnering with a winning agency will allow you to benefit from a wide selection of plans offered by the various leading companies that it represents.

Motorcycle insurance has various components to consider. There is custom parts and equipment protection, roadside assistance protection, as well as liability, medical and uninsured/under-insured coverage.

By sitting down with a professional and discussing all the choices and how they pertain to you, you will empower yourself with the ability to sift through your options properly.

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