How to Prevent Accidents and Auto Insurance Rate Hikes

How To Prevent Accidents And Auto Insurance Rate Hikes

how to prevent accidents and auto insurance rate hikes

How To Prevent Accidents And Auto Insurance Rate Hikes

Fathers and mothers of young drivers face an ongoing dilemma that represents a contemporary enigma. On the one hand, we want to let our teenagers become independent adults. We all want to facilitate the shears to cut the proverbial apron strings. On the other hand, we worry that without the yardstick of maturity and life experience our growing boys and girls will be faced with challenges far too overwhelming for them to hurdle.

How To Prevent Accidents And Auto Insurance Rate Hikes

One of the primary milestones of that journey to adulthood, of course, is the acquisition of a driver’s license. It’s when you actual put your child’s name as an added driver on your auto insurance policy that you begin to realize there must be something to the statistics that point to driving risks associated with the motorists in the under-twenty category. Whether it’s a car, truck, motorcycle or ATV, young drivers just lack the experienced know-how necessary to navigate the roads completely without mishap.

Confounding this situation is the seemingly inseparability of a teenager and his cell phone. Prominent auto insurance companies all over the country, in fact, cite worrisome trends: teenage motorists represent 21% of the cell phone users causing vehicle accidents that result in injuries and deaths.

One method many parents have utilized in underscoring the responsibility of maintaining a clean driving record is by making a viable partnership with their teen drivers in paying the insurance premiums should they be the guilty party in an accident that causes an upsurge in a rate.

Besides this hands-on no-nonsense approach, it is important for both father and mother to sit down with your young driver and lay down general, yet vital tips that minimize the risks of incurring liability for an accident. Simple as they are, no one can underestimate the power they hold in curbing collision occurrence and related auto insurance claims and lawsuits.

The Best Ways to Prevent a Cell-Phone Causing Accident

The driving risks associated with a cell phone is only surpassed by the dangers of texting on a cell phone. It is for this very reason that parents should make sure to be true role models and never handle a cell phone while operating a car. Making it your business to set down firm guidelines will help your young driver avoid the crash course that unfortunately oftentimes leads to tragic irrevocable aftermaths.

1. Tell your youngster to set his or her phone on silent when driving. If the phone does not ring, hum, or vibrate, your teen will not be pulled to answer it when the sole attention should be directed to the road.

2. Instruct your youngster to let his friends and acquaintances in on his driving schedule. Everyone should be aware that there is to be no phone interruptions while he is in the car.

3. If the situation indeed calls for speaking on the cell phone, boundaries need to be enforced. Cell phone usage should be reserved only when your teen driver pulls off to a safe spot on the side of the road and stops.

Besides all that the driving books teach, effective home schooling on proper driving procedures will help your teen advance skills to the point where driver, other drivers, and passengers, as well as pedestrians are safe on the roads – and you are at peace with him or her behind the wheel.

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