Campfire Cooking Equipment

Campfire Cooking EquipmentCampfire Tripod or Spit: A campfire tripod (at right) or spit (at the top of the page above) is an outstanding way to cook over a campfire or fire pit. This classic example of campfire cooking equipment allow you to hang all sorts of campfire cooking tools over the fire. You can hang pots with loop handles to cook stews or soups, you can hang kettles, you can hang trussed whole poultry or leg of lamb to roast on a string, you can even hang a grill grate to grill just about anything. The nice things about the tripods is that most of them disassemble easily and fold up into a relatively small and light package that you could carry with you pretty easily.campfire cooking equipment 1Campfire Cooking EquipmentWe know campfire cooking equipment can take you far beyond beloved, traditional, beans and toast. Sometimes you want to jazz things up a little. Check out the handy Camp Chef Dutch Oven Lid Lifter for safely lifting a hot lid in a hurry. How about a little more fun? The Camp Chef Campfire Popcorn Maker provides a late-night snack everyone can share. Old Mountain knows a Old Mountain Sandwich Maker is a special treat in the wilderness.Choose from a selection of cooking irons and experiment with sandwich ingredients. Try pie filling between bread slices for Camp Chef Round Cooking Iron. Cast iron presses are superior to common aluminum for producing even heat, easy cleaning, flavor and mineral absorption. How about a hot stew after a long day in the fresh air, as the night cools and everyone comes back together? The Old Mountain 4 Quart Camp Oven is here to help. For ideas and recipes, you can subscribe to our blog. Outdoor cooking has so many possibilities!Shopping @ Iron CookerOwner managed and operated, Iron Cooker treats your purchases as you would. Secure orders process within 24 hours. First-rate packaging ensures that you will always be excited when your parcel arrives, intact and ready to go.campfire cooking equipment 2… a key-hole or U-shaped campfire layout is better for campfire cooking. Both provide larger, more flexible cooking areas and options. But both also require you to have more of your own cooking equipment, like; cooking grates/grills, or even a campfire tripod.campfire cooking equipment 3Cook over a fire and dine beneath the open skies, just the way Man was meant to. Our Guide Gear® Campfire Cooking Equipment Set makes it easy, with everything you need to get started. You get 2 side posts, a cross bar, 5 hooks, lid lifter, utensil holder and fire poker. Heck, that's practically everything but the fire and food! Please Note: Swing Grill, Turn Spit, Campfire Ring, and Chuck Wagon Bell not included but sold separately through Keyword search. Heavy-duty iron 4’10″ side posts 4’4″ steel crossbar holds 5 hooks 11/16″ diameter poles Includes 9″, 11″, 13″, 15″ and 18.5″ hooks Lid lifter, utensil holder, fire poker and canvas carry bag Weighs 26 lbs. Discover the joys of campfire cooking. Order this set today!campfire cooking equipment 4Where to Buy Campfire Cooking EquipmentMany simpler campfire cooking tools (utensils, small butane or propane torches or grills, cookware) can be found at most any camping supply shop, like Adventure 16 for example. Some barbecue and grill retailers also carry portable grills and the like. However, for more specialized equipment, there are several online retailers you can check out. Lodge carries a huge line of great cast iron cookware and utensils including dutch ovens with legs and hanging handles that are perfect for cooking on an open wood fire, either sitting right on the coals or hanging from a tripod or spit. Cast iron equipment is large and heavy however, so this is only really practical if you are driving and don’t have to carry the equipment a long distance on your back.campfire cooking equipment 5The type of campfire cooking equipment you need depends a lot on what kind of camping you are doing and what kind of things you want to cook. For example, if you are just “camping” at a cabin that you are driving to, you can bring all sorts of equipment, from regular grilling equipment to fancy campfire cooking tools. On the other hand, if you are doing some real, serious, “man versus wild” type camping, just you, a backpack and the outdoors, then the supplies you can bring with you are much more limited.campfire cooking equipment 6Yes, we know it is a bold statement! But, this campfire cooking equipment is so awesome, you really will wonder how you ever cooked on campfires without it. Just when you thought campfire cooking could not be more fun, let’s fire up the flames and get cooking! Psst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.campfire cooking equipment 7If you are camping in campgrounds that have grill grates over the campfire pit, you are golden. If not, you need to fend for yourself. Using a grate like this Camp Chef Lumberjack Over-Fire Grill gives you a cooking surface that allows for direct cooking of food or you can place a pan or Dutch oven on it to cook in that type of campfire cooking equipment. This has folding legs for stability and pack-ability too.campfire cooking equipment 8Campfire Cooking Campfire cooking can be tasty and fun with the best camping cooking tools. We have a BioLite Kettlepot, and Rome utensils for marshmallows, sandwiches, and pies. Stock up on hearty food that’s ready to eat fast, such as freeze dried entrees, desserts, and soup samplers from Gander Mountain.campfire cooking equipment 9We love using our cast iron Dutch ovens for campfire cooking. We serve directly from the oven to the plate and clean-up is a breeze. But, if you want next-to-no clean-up, these Disposable Dutch Oven Liners make awesome campfire cooking equipment! They are also fabulous when making cakes that you want to “lift” out of the oven when they are done.campfire cooking equipment 10Books could be written about just how to cook on a campfire, and of course they have been; hundreds, (maybe thousands). But the basics of campfire cooking are pretty straight-forward: You will be cooking with three types of heat; direct flame, hot coals, (radiant heat), or reflected radiant heat, (baking).campfire cooking equipment 11We know campfire cooking equipment can take you far beyond beloved, traditional, beans and toast. Sometimes you want to jazz things up a little. Check out the handy Camp Chef Dutch Oven Lid Lifter for safely lifting a hot lid in a hurry. How about a little more fun? The Camp Chef Campfire Popcorn Maker provides a late-night snack everyone can share. Old Mountain knows a Old Mountain Sandwich Maker is a special treat in the wilderness.campfire cooking equipment 12Mention camping and campfire cooking, and most people think of a roaring fire and sizzling steaks. Or maybe a favorite Dutch oven recipe. But for those new to open-flame cooking – their first thoughts might be more like; how do I do that, or, what kind of cooking equipment do I need?campfire cooking equipment 13From the first steps of how to build a good “cooking” fire, to understanding the basic cookware needed, these resources will help get you started. Including easy campfire recipes, and maybe even a new tip or recipe for the experienced campfire cooks too.campfire cooking equipment 14Most established camping areas now have fire rings, (like the one above), in each campsite. Fire rings like this work well for campfire cooking because they include both the necessary cooking grate, and an area for hot coals. This provides both types of cooking heat for your favorite recipes – direct open flame, and more controllable hot coals, (which are essential for Dutch oven, and other slo-cook camping recipes).campfire cooking equipment 15These easy breakfast and dinner campfire recipes could make you famous – at least to the campers you cook for. From tin-foil meals to complete 1-pot, (or 1-skillet), meals, and from grilled steaks to mouth-watering kabobs, your reputation as a campfire cook could have unexpected benefits.campfire cooking equipment 16Long-Handled Skewers: Skewer cooking is about as easy as campfire cooking can get. Just start a fire, stick some food on the long skewer and hold it over the fire. These types of skewer forks are telescoping so they fold up into a small size that you can easily pack with you. This is perfect for smaller cuts of meat like hot dogs, sausages, small game birds and the like.campfire cooking equipment 17Outdoor camping is a lot more fun when you have the right gear, and that is especially true of campfire cooking. Starting with the bare essentials below for simple camping recipes, you can add more as your cooking experience, and range of meals grow.campfire cooking equipment 18FIREPLACE COOKING During those long winter evenings, take a break from the boredom by bringing some outdoor fun indoors. A wood burning fireplace is really all you need to enjoy authentic open fire cooking that tastes just as good as campfire food. Our collection of open fire cookbooks are packed with recipes for some delicious pocket sandwiches, wholesome meals and tasty desserts from a pudgy pie iron. Our our fireplace tools are designed to help you enjoy your fireplace safely all winter long. IT’S BONFIRE SEASON! Autumn has arrived, and so have the bonfires, fall cookouts, and long evenings around the backyard pit fires. That means it’s time once again to brush up on your outdoor open fire safety rules. Remember to look up, down, and all around when deciding where to build your fire, and keep children supervised at all times. Check out our Fire Safety page for more tips and information.

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